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Denied / Kyle Hahne Application [DENIED]
« on: May 14, 2021, 05:38:42 PM »
First Name: Kyle
Last Name: Hahne
Age: 22
Steam Profile Link:
Discord ID: The Wanderer#6937

Desired Unit Position:

Do you own APEX and SOG PF?:

How long have you been playing ArmA 3?:
2013; 6711 hours

Are you currently in an ArmA 3 MILSIM unit that would conflict with this unit's schedule?:

How did you find out about 3/5 SFG?:
This cunt named Smith

Why do you want to join 3/5 SFG?:
So I can put smith in a medically induced coma

Do you understand that the unit is based in the EST (UTC-5) time zone, and that mandatory operations for team members are every Saturday at 1500 EST?:
Yes, sadly

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