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Information about 5SFG
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Founded in May of 2021 with the release of the SOG Prairie Fire DLC, the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) is an ArmA 3 MILSIM unit attempting to emulate real world special forces operations from the Vietnam War. Operations within the unit can very heavily based on our Dynamic Campaign, all of which is zeused by very experienced operators.

We incorporate a number of mods including mods such as ACE3, TFAR Beta, KAT Medical, and many other small enhancement mods which work in tandem with the SOG PF DLC.

Our unit was created in the hopes of gaining a solid foundation to call home. We utilize a sophisticated recruitment and training process which acts as a barrier for entry so our unit consists of only the best and brightest ArmA 3 has to offer, while also providing a very educational environment.

Our unit consists of a Special Forces A-Team, a twelve man team of Special Forces soldiers, an Aviation Company housing lift and gunship helicopters, and a headquarters company which supports all unit operations.

There is a number of jobs which a member of the unit can perform within this unit, each with their own required skillset and responsibilities. You can find the full list here.

 - Must have a working microphone and headset

 - Must be able to attend a Basic Training within one (1) month of your application being approved.

 - Must own a legal copy of ArmA 3 and SOG Praire Fire.

 - Must be 16+ years of age.

 - Must have Teamspeak 3 installed.

 - Must speak and understand English at a conversational level.

 - Must be able to maintain a positive attitude

Unit Rules and Regulations
 - Our age limit is 16+ , no exceptions.
 - Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia or any form of hate speech is strictly prohibited.
 - Unit names cannot be famous or outlandish, examples include (D. Trump, J. Bieber) - If you hold a different first name, for instance, (Danny Trump), it must be verified before you can proceed with the Recruitment Process.

 - Open discussions of Political events or controversial topics is prohibited.

 - Do not join a Teamspeak channel, if a user has the Commander Light activated, without the permission of that user.

 - Unit discipline and maturity while in operations or trainings are held to a high standard.

 - Unit attendance policy - if you are unable to make at least half of scheduled unit events a month, you will be removed without an active LOA.

 - Discord and Forum Use - Every channel/forum should be used for its intended purpose.

 - No spamming on Discord, Teamspeak or any other Official unit area.


To begin your recruitment process, each new join must fill out an application that can be found here.

Following the approval of your application, a Recruiter will be assigned to you and will send you a private message on the forums.
From there you will be required to do a verbal interview on Teamspeak 3 that will be recorded, you will have seven (7) days from the approval of your application to complete the interview.

After you pass the interview, you will need to sign up for Basic Combat Training, you will have one (1) month to complete the Basic Combat Training from the approval of your application. Further explanation of the training process will be given upon entrance to the unit. It will take a total of roughly ~12-15 in game hours spread over multiple training sessions for the Special Forces Training Pipeline, and ~13-16 hours to complete the Pilot Training Pipeline. Training doesn't stop upon entrance to your assigned unit.

Command Staff
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