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Application (S.Cardnail) [ACCEPTED]
« on: May 18, 2021, 08:28:03 PM »
First Name:Skyler
Last Name:Cardnail
Steam Profile Link:
Discord ID:Metawing#4989

Desired Unit Position: Weapons Sergeant

Do you own APEX and SOG PF?: I have SOG PF but not APEX

How long have you been playing ArmA 3?: Almost three years

Are you currently in an ArmA 3 MILSIM unit that would conflict with this unit's schedule?: No but i may have some moments with some IRL Business

How did you find out about 3/5 SFG?: Was brought in by another member (Collie)

Why do you want to join 3/5 SFG?: Yes

Do you understand that the unit is based in the EST (UTC-5) time zone, and that mandatory operations for team members are every Saturday at 1500 EST?: Yes
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Re: Application (S.Cardnail) [ACCEPTED]
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2021, 08:35:59 PM »
Mr Cardnail,

Application accepted. Within the next hour you will receive a welcome aboard private message with some general instructions to get you initially set up. You have been assigned to a Recruiter to help you throughout the process of getting through the training pipeline.

Your Recruiter is Captain J. Smith.

After you have received your welcome aboard private message from your Recruiter, make sure you send a private message to your Recruiter letting him know you have received it and followed the instructions within. If you are having issues, they will be able to help you with it. They will assist you in getting your mods installed and getting you signed up for a basic training.

In Summary:
Step 1. Receive Welcome Aboard Message and follow Instructions inside of the Welcome Aboard Message.
Step 2. Send a private message to your Recruiter letting him know you got it.
Step 3. Add your recruiter on Steam via the Welcome Aboard Message that will get sent to you.

Thank you and once again, welcome aboard, Private.

Respectfully Submitted,
S-1 Personnel
Recruitment Detachment
Captain J. Smith
CPT J. Smith
Company Commander
162nd Aviation Company, 10th Aviation Battalion
Head of S-1 Personnel
Head of S-5 Public Affairs